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The investigation
of virus-related computer incidents (VCI)

Doctor Web offers paid services related to the investigation of virus-related computer incidents.

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Investigation services

  • Initial incident assessment, the scope of the investigation and the measures required to remedy the consequences of the incident.
  • An examination of computer and other related items (hard disks, and text, audio, photo, and video materials) that are presumably related to the VCI.
  • Unique! A psychological evaluation of individuals (company personnel) to identify 1) possible accomplices involved in / assisting with / covering up or supporting illegal activities against customers (a comprehensive risk assessment) and 2) instances of inaction or dereliction of duty.
  • Recommendations on the deployment of an anti-virus solution that would prevent VCIs or keep them to a minimum in the future.

All the procedures are carried out in compliance with legislation of the respective country.

The advantages of a Doctor Web investigation

  • Over 20 years of experience researching malware.
  • Knowledge of current virus threats, their continuous monitoring and analysis, and unique detection methods and technologies.
  • Efficient neutralisation of new threats, continuous improvement of technologies that neutralise new unknown malware, and uncovering and thwarting criminal schemes.
  • Highly qualified personnel.
  • In-house, global virus-monitoring service.
  • In-house anti-virus laboratory.
  • Unique! A unique investigation of customer personnel.
  • Special equipment allows information to be retrieved in accordance with procedures that guarantee its complete retrieval and provide irrefutable evidence in court.
  • ¿El antivirus considera que un archivo está «limpio», pero Vd. tiene sospechas?
  • ¿Vd. detectó una aplicación desconocida sospechosa, pero no está seguro si la misma es nociva?
  • ¿En la red de la empresa hay documentos importantes o información confidencial y es posible un ataque objetivo para recibirlos?
  • ¿El negocio no puede esperar hasta que el antivirus reciba la firma requerida?

Usa Dr.Web vxCube Analizador inteligente interactivo de objetos sospechosos en la nube

  • Análisis y respuesta — en 1 minuto
  • Generación «al vuelo» de una compilación especial Dr.Web CureIt! Generación «al vuelo» de una compilación especial
  • Posibilidad de solicitar un análisis «manual» por un analista de virus Dr.Web para casos difíciles de resolver

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